Various ways of taking the best of care of your horse

Horses have an undeniable allure. most youngsters , at some point in their life, invite a pony or a horse and a few never grow out of that desire. But the dream is way different than reality when it involves owning, or maybe leasing, a horse.


The dietary needs of a horse are pretty basic: hay/grass and water. Their gastrointestinal system requires many roughage, and fresh grass from a pasture or good quality hay is that the mainstay of each horse’s diet. Horses typically eat 1.5% – 2% of their weight a day . For a mean 1,000-pound horse, meaning 15-20 pounds of hay per day, less if they're ready to graze. (A bale of hay typically weighs about 100 pounds and can cost $15-20/bale. which will average out at about $18.35/week in feed costs.) While you'll keep the feeding trough filled throughout the day in order that your horse can erode his leisure, the likelihood of you having the ability to watch that's slim, so morning and evening feedings are the runner-up option. you'll supplement the hay with grain, but in small quantities twice per day.


Your horse will need two basic items when it involves housing: some kind of shelter and a pasture. Shelters are available all kinds of shapes and sizes, from lean-tos and run-in shelters to simple stalls and bigger barns. It’s important for your horse to possess a shelter to avoid the wind and rain (or snow), also as a shake a scorching sun. This shelter will have bedding, a feed bin, and a water bucket or automatic watering system in a jacuzi tubs.

Needless to mention, whatever shelter you've got would require maintenance…on a day to day . Mucking out your horse’s stall may be a necessity for his or her health. It helps to stay them dry and clean, freed from worms and parasites. While this isn’t an enormous time-consuming process, it'll typically take quarter-hour twice each day and need certain tools. At an equivalent time, you'll refresh their water (and clean the water buckets) and top up their food bin.

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