Why a used saddle is an advantage for any beginer

A horse at home will change your life, certainly you can see it graze peacefully from your window, but you must be aware of responsibilities and compromises.

You live with a horse

To have one's horse at home is above of all to respond on his good health. This horse must have his own house that is in a secure environment with the ability to move freely. The horse is a gregarious animal that lives in a flock and needs contact with other horses. It therefore requires the presence of other horses to be able to monitor him when he is resting. This is what your horse needs: A net with his rein, a halter with a lanyard, two saddles, the rider equipment, all materials for his groom, his house, your time and veterinary visits. The difficult one to procure is a saddle.

What about saddles?

The choice of the size of the saddle depends to the conception of the rider as well as that of the horse. The challenge is to guarantee the comfort and the used french saddles is the best one for the first ride. In which is correctly places the center of gravity of the rider. The seat should provide a comfortable but not too large seating area so that the rider's position is as stable as possible. The stirrup must accommodate with the leg that is deployed as for training or riding as for the obstacle jumping. The standard size will be adapted in each kind of it.

What about the esthetic saddle?

You must think that you will not be able to practice all the disciples intensively with one saddle. Indeed, the saddles have characteristics that will allow you to obtain the best position and the best performance according to your discipline. These characteristics are more or less advanced by depending on the model of horse.

In the best marketplace you have to meet the different expectations of riders induced by their level and type of riding practice.

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