Various ways of taking the best of care of your horse

Horses have an undeniable allure. most youngsters , at some point in their life, invite a pony or a horse and a few never grow out of that desire. But the dream is way different than reality when it involves owning, or maybe leasing, a horse.FeedingThe dietary needs of a horse are pretty basic: hay/grass and water. Their gastrointestinal system requires many roughage, and fresh grass from a pasture or good quality hay is that the mainstay of each horse’s diet. Horses typically eat 1.5% (jacuzi tubs) [...]

How to help your horses with certain pains ?

Back pain may be a common finding in performance horses. There are many clinical exam also as diagnostic techniques available to localize symptoms of discomfort to the rear. Treatment of back pain usually includes a mixture of medical treatments also as physiotherapy strategies to strengthen your horse’s spine and increase comfort and performance over the future with spa sale.Anatomical ConsiderationsUnderstanding the anatomy of the horse’s back is that the initiative to managing equine [...]

Find a cheap alternative for horse equipment

Find a cheap alternative for horse equipment
Have you bought a new horse? It's great, but you are aware that equipping a horse is very expensive, and even more so if you absolutely want to buy quality equipment. So faced with this dilemma, in addition to having paid rather dearly for the purchase of your equine, it can be very interesting to buy all the horse equipment directly used. Indeed, even if it seems strange to you to buy equipment for your little protege that has already been used on other horses, it is very interesting in (antares saddles) [...]

How and why you can benefit from a used saddle

It is time to get a new saddle for your horse. Your good old horseback riding companion needs to retire. Now the question is, should you get a new one or a fully restored, fine used saddle?If you are on a plateau of needing to make that decision, then this article is perfect for you. Because practicality suggests that you should get yourself that restored used saddle. How and why would you benefit from it? Let me discuss that with you.An experienced and talented saddler can restore a (used antares saddles) [...]

The different types and brands of restored saddles for sale

The different types and brands of restored saddles for sale
Are you looking for used saddles for sale for your horse or pony? Buy from a wide selection of the most prestigious brands of riding to sell your mount and enjoy quality equipment at a lower price!Big brands of saddles for clubsSaddles come in different brands depending on the discipline (Antares, CWD, Hermès, Butet…). To choose the model or brand, you will need to first define what you want to do with it. If you are in a club, audevard products may be an excellent choice. [...]

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