Tha making of a saddle

Between balance and confidence, you need a lot to tame your horse. But when you rely on safe values such as tailor made saddles, or adapted to your needs, you can easily offer you extraordinary trips with your horse. That's why we offer you quality but custom-made saddles, which can bring you an enormous comfort on horseback. With a saddle, it is a double stake. You must feel comfortable, and put the horse also at ease. It is only at this price that you can both offer you very good moments. So, gentlemen and ladies, if you are looking for good stools, do not hesitate to pass through the stools that we offer you, to make your choice.

The know-how is at the base of the quality used saddles that we offer you.

In terms of choice of saddles, we offer you a varied range. Whether you are more leather or other materials, the essential for us is to put you at ease. So we're working on that, the best we can. EC are therefore brand-quality, custom-made stools, which have benefited from better stool technology and know-how. If you really want or need new stools, please visit us. You will have the choice between the different ranges of saddles that we offer you. Or we can even choose some that can suit you best. To you, good to trust to accompany you in your good moments on horseback. It is obviously when you are sitting on your horse galloping towards the horizon, or even in the quest for a medal that you will realize that nothing is worth a good saddle, a quality saddle of quality that we You offer. This is even more interesting because we offer you all this know-how at a really ridiculous cost. It is up to you to choose the saddles you need.

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