How to ride a horse with a used saddle

To learn to ride well, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment. You can visit site if you have not yet acquired all the necessary accessories to practice riding. In any case, you can perfect your riding skills, whether you are using a new riding saddle or a used riding saddle. Here are some tips that will help you ride better with a used saddle.

A good preparation to ride well

Before even making your first attempt, you must start by building special ties with your horse. You must indeed prepare it and put it in confidence to approach your riding lessons more serenely. Use equipment that suits him, whether saddle, saddle pad, net, etc. If you have a used saddle, you can get closer to a saddler fitter who will be able to adjust it to your mount. Before training, do not forget to heal your horse. This action will not only relax it but also activate its blood circulation. Take advantage of it to detect any injuries or anomalies. It is only after that that you will be able to learn to position yourself well, but also to master the different paces.

To saddle his horse

After dressing your horse, start by placing the saddle pad gently on his back. Add dampers if necessary. Then place the saddle gently on the saddle pad. To avoid hurting your horse, you must place it behind the withers. Then pull the front of the carpet upward to release the withers. You can strap gently and several times, making sure the strap is well positioned so that it does not interfere with your horse's movements. This could indeed hurt him. Once your used saddle is well positioned on the back of your horse, set the stirrup to the correct height. Then bridle your horse. When riding your horse, whether you are using a new saddle or a used saddle, you must be able to follow the movements of its back with great ease so as not to slow down its movements.

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