We sell horses and equipments

That's it you've decided to have your own horse? You will not find one that could match your needs and your budget? The best would be for you to go on professional sites like ours. These will not only bring you their advice before you get your horse, but they will also provide assistance to you regarding the material needed to equip it, the best way to prepare it, to elevate, to take care, make him do endurance, etc.

For years now, we offer horse enthusiasts all the necessary facilities for horses, riders without forgetting all the stable material whether for external or riding your horse accessories. We offer superior quality products that you can find anywhere in the world. No matter where you live, so you can make your own or order a list of what you need and send it to us.

Quality products at low prices

All our products have very good relation between quality and price whether french used saddles, stirrups, stirrups of, saddle cover, flank strap, classic strap, saddle pads , cleaning products and others. You can find all kinds on our website and this at very affordable prices. We are among the best producers in the world riding equipment.

With us you are satisfied or your money back either. If the products you buy do not meet your expectations, you can receive a refund. You can also order custom saddles us at your convenience by sending us what you need.

Concerning the payment, you can choose between the check Paypal or your VISA. You can reach us by telephone at any time for any application whether a claim, a request for information, redemption, exchange and others. We can make deliveries even on your competition venues. If you need carrier, we can also help. Now, get the adequate equipment to ensure your safety and that of your horse.

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