What makes a saddle comfortable?

The saddle is the Leather Object placed on the back of the horse and under which the rider sits. Wearing the saddle has always been mandatory during riding because it will allow you to sit comfortably on the back of your horse or to protect the horse against shaking.

How will you choose your saddle?

The selection of your saddle should be done with care and this requires a great deal of thought on your part because if you make the wrong choice, you may not only spend hours infernal on your horse, but it may also present serious injury on his back during the shots. When shopping, you should consider different factors such as your budget. It will allow you to know what type of saddle you can buy and its duration depending on the intensity of the use you make of it. You must also consider the type of horse riding that you intend to practice. In general it must be wide and finally match your morphology. Your morphology will therefore determine the width and contours and shapes of the saddle.

How are you going to choose a comfortable saddle?

The conformability of a saddle depends in principle on your morphology. You can, for example, sit on a very hard one for hours without experiencing the slightest pain, while sometimes you sit on a soft saddle that does not suit your morphology or your position and that will cause you pain. The ideal is therefore to combine 2 elements the proper and soft seat and your morphology. Also opt for saddles that have a good descent of the legs to make you feel more comfortable and closer to the horse. Preferably the saddle should be leather because real leathers last longer. A comfortable saddle is therefore a saddle that meets some specific criteria such as those found at equitack. It must match your morphology, it must also allow you to find the position that puts you at ease and it must contain a good descent leg hollow where you can put yourself in place.

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